Thank you so much for your compassion and desire to help. To maintain the safety of our staff, participants and community, we are not engaging volunteers during this pandemic. Volunteer positions will be posted when the time comes.


Working at Unity Project is a fulfilling experience full of challenges and rewards. We accept applications for Frontline Relief Staff on an ongoing basis and position openings will be posted. 

View our openings here.


Instead of throwing up our hands, let’s pound our fists and make demands of all of our elected officials… to raise the rates and invest in affordable housing.

Write a letter to your elected officials.


Poverty is the leading cause of homelessness and income is the solution to poverty. Paying your employees a living wage contributes to a healthy and vibrant community, sets a positive example and influences others to do the same.


Your voice is a valuable tool. Share social media, post articles, attend events, workshops and rallies, and challenge stigma to make the fight to end homelessness visible. Raising your voice raises awareness and mobilizes action.


Homelessness is a crisis a person experiences; it does not define the person.  The language you use is important in conveying compassion and respect. People First language e.g. people experiencing homelessness VS homeless people

Destigmatization (FAQ)


Your gifts help end the experience of homelessness for individuals in our care.  You can make a one-time donation online, by cheque or securities, set up monthly giving or host an event.

Ways to give


Poverty and homelessness are complex issues. Here are some resources to help you to learn, understand and make educated choices.

General information:

Homeless Hub
Canadian Alliance to End Homelessness (CAEH)

Naloxone training
Workshops through Pillar Nonprofit Network
CAEH training

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