Thanks to you, UPwithART 2.0 raised $146K that will go directly towards Unity Project’s housing stability program and Museum London’s children’s programming!

We are (almost) speechless at the fact that even during this difficult time, we ended up only $2K shy of last year’s grand total. This is beyond our dreamiest expectations, and we are all so thankful that you chose to be a part of UPwithART despite the pandemic and our “change in venue”. At first, we were unsure of how our online fundraiser (as we understand, the first large online fundraiser in London since the quarantine took effect) would be received, and as the days progressed, we were overwhelmed by such a strong showing of community support.

This year would not have been possible without the support of our sponsors and community partners, especially our Diamond Sponsor –  Van Simpson Portfolio Management. Please take a moment to look at these organizations that unflinchingly supported us from the starting block to the finish line.

This was also UPwithART’s 10th anniversary and even after a decade, we are committed to improving and adapting our fundraiser. Help us out by taking this short three-minute survey about your experience to make next year’s fundraiser even better.

Lastly, we want to thank you not only for your financial support, but also for the goodwill you’ve put back into the community, your trust in both of our organizations, and your willingness to make London better for future generations and marginalized communities. Stay safe and we hope to see you next year!

-The UPwithART committee