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UP Annual General Meeting March 2, 2015

A great sense of community was evidenced at Unity Project’s Annual General Meeting when Brian Mortimer, Mandi Fields, Lauryn Smyth and Amanda Wilcox were honoured with a Brian Mortimer Award for Outstanding Volunteerism – March 2, 2015. These individuals inaugurated what is to become an annual tradition to recognize those who have wowed us in their demonstration of profound compassion and outstanding commitment to our cause.

The Palace Theatre was the perfect venue for the well attended and productive event.

We elected board directors Amanda Grzyb, Chair; James Spangenberg, Vice-Chair; Jane Marinelli-Simm, Secretary; Gil Warren, Treasurer; Chuck Grawburg, Rick Odegaard, Tammy Connor, Pat Malloy, Fergo Berto, Bernie Hammond, Sarah White and Dimitri Lascaris. We are confident these individuals will continue to provide excellent support and advisement in service of the Unity Project for Relief of Homelessness.

Auditors Davis Martindale LLP were appointed. Financial statements from the 2013-14 year indicate Unity Project expensed 89% of its funds to program costs, 7% for administration and 4% in fundraising. See the Annual Report for condensed financial summary. Complete Audited Financial Statements are available upon request.