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a thing by Jason Rip

London playwright, director and actor Jason Rip will perform BADGER BITES BEAR, a one hour solo performance 100 times in 100 various and unique   venues to raise funds for Unity Project.

Meet Uncle Burly. He’s fallen on tough times but he’s attempting to reclaim part of each day through the   writing and reading of children’s books. Good animals    are bears; bad animals are badgers; suicidal animals      are goldfish. All of his works are illustrated by his   mentally troubled friend Horse Shriek.

To host a performance or for more information,
e-mail Anita Schipper
or call (519) 433-8700, ex.2


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Upcoming Public Performances:
No upcoming public performances at this time.

Host a Performance:
Uncle Burly will come to your house, backyard, workplace, gym, wherever – so long as you can provide ten or twenty sympathetic listeners.  All Uncle Burly will ask for is a small meal for himself and the opportunity to pass around the Magic Hat of Payment.