Last month, we were pleased to announce that Canadian developer and publisher Digital Extremes named Unity Project as the charity partner for TennoCon 2021, their biggest annual event of the year for annual WARFRAME players.

On July 17, over 400,000 gamers from across the planet tuned into the event’s livestream… sharing their passion for the game, and compassion for the cause of homelessness.

A big shout-out to Digital Extremes and their player base for such a community-minded show of generosity. DE gifted $200,000 and streamers generated an additional $2,882 during the stream (in a minute!).

Digital Extremes and its employees are long-time supporters of Unity Project, each year gathering a truckload of items to help fill Christmas Santa Sacks for the emergency shelter participants. Digital Extremes reached out to Unity Project in the early weeks following the pandemic declaration in 2020, asking what was needed and wanting to help, leading the two companies on a path to partner for TennoCon 2021.

“Community remains a key pillar to us at Digital Extremes and Warframe, and given our global state, community is more important than ever,” said Sheldon Carter, COO of Digital Extremes. “We are grateful to have had the opportunity to rally hundreds of thousands of players around such a critical initiative during TennoCon bringing visibility to Unity Project’s cause and deliver merchandise, digital game bundles, and gear that Warframe players could purchase knowing they were a key to making a difference.”

“Not only did this partnership with Digital Extremes introduce us to the fun and generous world of gamers, it filled a chasm left in the wake of the pandemic which has increased costs and crushed some of our major sources of revenue,” says Silvia Langer, Unity Project’s Development Director.