Streaming for donations

Streaming is fun – and doing it for a great cause is even better!

Charity Streaming (showcasing something – often a talent – online) is a great way to share your passion with the world, connect with people and support our cause.

Setting up and support

Setting up your charity stream using Tiltify is easy

Tiltify is a mobile-friendly fundraising platform that specializes in stream-based fundraising.

The platform allows you to embed our cause directly within your Twitch stream. Setup is super simple and donating is quick and easy for your viewers. You can set fundraising targets, offer incentives and use your imagination to raise even more funds!

Create a free Tiltify account and download our cause.

We’ll support your efforts!

Need Unity Project’s support? Please contact Andrew Hunter, UP Communications and Design Coordinator at [email protected]

Visit Tiltify’s detailed setup guide and FAQ.

Streaming FAQ

Streaming showcases a talent online using video. Usually, followers and fans can interact with you and with other viewers. This creates a unique experience. Unlike television, which represents one-way communication, streaming allows both content creator and fan to talk to each other in open dialogue. It is a truly innovative way to entertain, and a great way for you to fundraise.

Twitch is currently the most popular online streaming platform. It is a robust platform that gives streamers immense amounts of flexibility. When paired with Tiltify, your charity stream will be a breeze. To sign up for a Twitch account, visit Upon registration, you will be given a series of guides and how-tos to help you launch your first stream.

Short answer: anything!

Long answer: Usually, streamers will showcase some kind of talent. Perhaps most numerous are gamers who stream, but you can stream any talent. Dancing, rapping, screenplay, performance art – anything. A stream is only limited by the creativity you are willing to invest. Use your imagination! The more unique your stream, the more viewers and followers you will receive… and be sure to watch notable streamers for inspiration!

No – our apologies. Donations made through Tiltify do not receive an automated charitable donation tax receipt. You may advise your audience that they can contact Silvia Langer at [email protected] with proof of donation and all donor contact info if they wish to receive a charitable donation tax receipt.

We ask that your charity streaming events represent Unity Project values of respect, cooperation, interdependence and compassion, and are in no way discriminatory, racist, sexist, ableist – or anything else your viewers or our audience might deem inappropriate.

Tiltify is also capable of integrating with Streamlabs OBS, Streamjar and StreamElements which would, in turn, make Tiltify compatible with Facebook and YouTube (as these platforms rely on integration with an external streaming application). Please visit Tiltify integrations for guides on setting up third party applications with your Tiltify account.

For gamers who stream, you may need a PC that is powerful enough to handle both a game and the broadcast of that game. While titles that rely less on graphics (such as Fortnite, Among Us, etc.) won’t need too much power, more demanding titles might. For these demanding titles, it is recommended that you have a dedicated graphics card (video card) with at least 4GB of VRAM (video RAM). Video RAM refers to the amount of work your card can do before it becomes overworked.

For others who are simply broadcasting a talent with a camera, the requirements are much lower. Of course, this depends on what quality you want. Generally speaking, streams should be at least 720p resolution and run at a minimum of 30 frames per second. If you opt for lower quality, you might negatively affect your viewers’ experience. If you go higher, you might overwork your PC or prevent viewers with slower internet access from viewing your content (as watching high-quality video content requires a high-quality internet connection).

You too will need a reliable internet connection. Twitch recommends 3-6 Mbps, which is usually much lower than what most people have unless you are living in a remote area. This means that most people will have a fast enough connection to stream (although faster connections are always more beneficial). Visit SPEEDTEST to determine your internet speed.

Before using the platform, disable any popup blockers, as Tiltify’s extension uses pop-ups frequently.

First-timers are well-advised to read and consult with Tiltify support pages.

Give It UP!

Make a one-time gift, become a monthly donor, sponsor an event or give securities… There are many ways for you to help provide relief of homelessness.