Frontline Support Services: 519-433-8700 x0


The Unity Project provides emergency shelter and transitional housing, and promotes community values in a safe, secular and home-like environment for men and women aged 18 and over. Out of our two buildings on our Old East Village property, we accommodate between 45-60 people per night, and typically operate at 129% over-capacity. Our shelter is open 24 hours every day offering comfortable dorms, nutritious meals and access to programs and services. Life skills and our values of respect, cooperation, interdependence and compassion are embedded throughout our programming. Upon intake residents choose to cook, clean and perform day to day maintenance based on their interests, abilities and disabilities. This process is integral to creating a sense of personal accountability, through the respectful expectation that we take care of ourselves, each other and our community. We have no janitorial or kitchen staff… residents and frontline staff do it all. We keep the peace and get the dishes done. We run a tight ship with good values – like any good home!

Our Frontline Support Workers manage a caseload of up to 10 residents, providing one-to-one support assisting in the advancement of their personal action plans for stability and independence. Residents may also access resources from the Community Support Worker and Life Skills Coordinator to further advance their goals – whether it is housing, employment or reconnecting with one’s family.

Many residents move through the UP model:

Community Drop-In

Everyone welcome for a cup of coffee, to use the phone, take a shower, or get staff support.

  • Serving 25 – 75 people per day from 8-11:30 am and 6-8 pm
  • Offering a meal, a place to relax, get warm/cool, use telephone, shower, and get crisis support

Crash Bed

Nightly stays on a first-come-first-served basis with meals provided.

  • Intake opens at 8:30 pm
  • 12 beds available for men and women

Emergency Shelter

23 beds for short-term stays up to 42 days (longer if required). Residents may remain on property during the day and are required to contribute to a healthy community to maintain eligibility.

  • 23 beds available short-term (42 days with extension where needed) for men, women and couples
  • 24-hour access to facility and assigned staff member for case support

Phase-I Transition Housing

7 beds for 2–6 month stays transitioning from emergency shelter. Semi-private room. Ongoing staff support.

  • 7 semi-private rooms for residents transitioning from emergency shelter for 2–6 month stays
  • Residents pay a low rent and retain case support routines and community responsibilities.

Phase-II Transitional Housing

8-12 accommodated for transition periods up to a year with a private room, shared living, kitchen, bath and laundry. Staff support as-needed.

  • 10 private rooms in a communal setting for residents transitioning to independent living
  • Residents pay a low rent and access staff support as needed