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Housing & Advocacy Program

“I wouldn’t have come to the UP with any plans for my future if it weren’t for working with Jessika beforehand. I probably would have bounced from shelter to shelter and not followed through with anything. Having Jessika go to my appointments is huge and has made the process much easier.” The Housing & Advocacy Worker (HAW) provides case-management support and advocacy to help people overcome obstacles and to obtain and maintain housing.The HAW, Jessika Lang, utilizes neighbourhood resources to help direct traffic through “the system” with interventions and advocacy to prevent homelessness and promote stability. The HAW has increased Unity Project’s Achieved Housing rate to 38% while maintaining a caseload of 25 participants. Support and interventions are also provided on an as-needed basis to non-residents, people housed in the community or at other shelters including to avoid and prevent evictions. The Housing & Advocacy Worker provides: Advocacy Income – OW/ODSP/CPP, Justice System, Children’s Aid Housing Housing lists, housing plans and searches and supporting landlord/tenant mediation Health Doctor lists and appointment support

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