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Our Programs


The Unity Project provides emergency shelter and transitional housing, and promotes community values in a safe, secular and home-like environment to men and women aged 18 and over. Out of our two buildings on our Old East Village property, we accommodate between 45-60 people per night and typically operate at 129% over-capacity. Our shelter is open 24 hours every day offering comfortable dorms, nutritious meals and access to programs and services. Life skills and our values of respect, cooperation, interdependence and compassion are embedded throughout our programming. Upon intake, residents choose to cook, clean and perform day to day maintenance based on their interests, abilities and disabilities. This process is integral to creating a sense of personal accountability, through the respectful expectation that we take care of ourselves, each other and our community. We have no janitorial or kitchen staff… residents and frontline staff do it all. We keep the peace and get the dishes done. We run a tight ship with good values – like any good home!

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Housing & Advocacy Worker

The Housing & Advocacy Worker (HAW) provides case-management support and advocacy to help people overcome obstacles and to obtain and maintain housing.The HAW, Jessika Lang, utilizes neighbourhood resources to help direct traffic through “the system” with interventions and advocacy to prevent homelessness and promote stability. The HAW has increased Unity Project’s Achieved Housing rate to 38% while maintaining a caseload of 25 participants.

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Life Skills Program

Life Skills are embedded in the Unity Project at 2 levels: through its everyday operations (link to intro page) and through a structured, measured and goal-oriented program.

Initiated in 2011, the Life Skills Program (LSP) targets skill development in key skill deficit areas and improves residents’ abilities to meet their own and others basic needs for stability and independence. Individual goals are determined during the participant’s initial assessment with the LSP coordinator, and various tools are used to realize these unique goals.

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London CAReS Program

Initiated in 2008 by the City of London, the London CAReS (Community Addiction Response Strategy) Program is aimed to assist individuals experiencing homelessness and who at risk of homelessness. In October 2011, the second phase of this program was announced re-focusing its objectives to increase community integration and housing outcomes for a focused population. Unity Project, in partnership with a number of other community organizations, is responsible for administering the second phase of this program along with the Transitional Housing and Supports for Homeless Veterans Project.

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The Unity Project (UP) is committed to providing an opportunity for volunteers to grow personally and enhance their skills. Volunteers share talents and knowledge that advance our programs and services to make the Unity Project experience valuable for residents.

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