Frontline Support Services: 519-433-8700 x0


Providing emergency shelter, supportive housing and stability supports where people are struggling to escape and avoid homelessness.


Our core values are Respect, Cooperation, Interdependence and Compassion. Central to these values is the reality that homelessness is a crisis that a person experiences; and that this experience does not define a person.

Our job is to divert people from shelter wherever there is opportunity, to provide in-the-moment stability for those in crisis, and to empower each participant in their own process toward housing, while engaging every available community resource.


  • Provide a safe and functional facility that can be used to implement our programs, express our values, advance our mission and serve our participants and our community.
  • Provide quality care and support to individuals experiencing homelessness, and to those who are experiencing crisis with programs and services which model the values of community, restore dignity to individuals in crisis, instill a sense of personal accountability in participant who experience our programs and to help more people and overcome barriers in order to enjoy stable, independent life.
  • Contribute to our community with an effective model of care and support individuals experiencing or of experiencing homelessness in order to learn from, educate and influence our community to bring about a just and compassionate society.