Hosting a third-party event

Thank you for your interest in hosting an independent third-party fundraising event in support of Unity Project for Relief of Homelessness in London (Unity Project). We are grateful for your efforts to raise funds and generate awareness of our organization’s mission.

A Third Party Fundraiser is any fundraising initiative brought forward by an individual(s), community group, service club, or business external to Unity Project – and/or employee who wishes to initiate a fundraiser – to raise money through a planned activity that is developed, managed and financially resourced by the external participants. Some examples are: silent auctions, concerts, curling bonspiels, garage sales, golf tournaments or even birthday or other celebration parties. With all of these events, a portion of or the entire proceeds may be given to Unity Project.

We appreciate the commitment, time and resources required for the successful execution of your third- party fundraising event. To have a clear and mutual understanding of expectations from planning through to completion, we have developed guidelines for your agreement and signature. Unity Project requests that you complete the Event Proposal (below) or use an alternate format that covers the same areas. Please allow an adequate amount of time for our review. If approved, we will provide a Letter of Agreement- which may be shown to potential donors, sponsors, and volunteers – and
provide you with our branding package which will give you access to our logos, links and helpful language describing our cause to your audience.

Please review and sign the EVENT GUIDELINES AGREEMENT complete the PROPOSAL and submit to:

Development Director – Silvia Langer
Unity Project for Relief of Homelessness in London
717 Dundas Street, London ON N5W 2Z5
E: T: 519-433-8700 ext. 201

717 Dundas Street
London ON N5W 2Z5
t: 519.433.8700

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