• White mini house on red knitted cap with orange background and white countertop
  • Backpacks, filled at Unity Project (Santa Sacks) 2022
  • Backpacks on white counter

You did real good!

A lot happened at Unity Project this Holiday Season! The festive spirit combined with the love and support you’ve shown us over the year helped us kick off our 2023 on a positive note.

Santa Sacks – filled!

Thank you for helping us fill 100 Santa Sacks! The hefty knapsacks were delivered to participants on Christmas morning, making their day a little extra special.

Door decoration contest

15 doors were decorated and judged by participants and winners received gift cards. These were adorned with everything from streamers, wrapping paper and cards, to spray snow, bows, cards and lights.

The a-door-able decor brought holiday cheer and tons of smiles at the hotel, both from our housing support staff and our participants.

A heartwarming holiday story

Two of our participants received the ultimate Christmas present – securing a two-bedroom apartment after two years of waiting. They were happy that this will allow them to have family time together. We are thrilled for this couple and wish them all the best!


You’ve stuck with us through thick and thin all through 2022, and we are ever so grateful for your care and continued support! We look forward to having you by our side through the brighter future we have planned.