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Over $6,000 Raised

Thank you Impark!

Impark generously offered Memorial Cup attendees $5 off event parking during London Knights games, with a donation of a non-perishable item to support the Unity Project. In just 3 nights – May 16, 18, 21 – heaps and heaps of food, and over $6,000 was donated to fill Unity Project’s shelves. We are blown away by the support of our community, and the generosity of our hockey-loving visitors!

A big hug to our energetic and compassionate volunteers who made this initiative a major success…and not to forget giving up their long weekend for the Unity Project! Lloyd Stacey, Patricia Stacey, Dave Copeman, Kim Thompson, Mary Ellen Young, Shannon McCartney, Gil Warren, Kim Harrison, Corina Fletcher, Lisa Kulich, Brian Mortimer, Leigh Malloy, Julie Delle Donne, Alex Cunningham, Shelby McCartney, Robel Abrehe, Ashley Wells, Pegg Saunders, Barb Jones, Mike Peacock, Adam Ross, Emma Totten, Laura Jimenez, Barhet Woldemariam, Chris Scott and Patrick Long. You are all great!

Thanks again Impark. We are so grateful for your ongoing support and for this fabulous fundraising idea! Lloyd Stacey, Impark GM, and Shannon McCartney, Impark Office Manager, you are wonderful people.