Gift of Securities

You can make a gift of publicly traded securities such as stocks, bonds, or mutual funds to Unity Project for Relief of Homelessness in London, Registered Canadian Charity #859628851RR0001.

Eligible donors receive a charitable tax receipt for the market value of the gifted securities on the day they arrive in Unity Project’s account. You, as the donor, can use this tax receipt to help reduce the amount of tax payable on your income. If necessary, you can carry the tax receipt forward to any of the following five years.

Any increase in value in the donated securities during the time when you held them will not be subjected to any capital gains tax. This applies to gifts of securities that you make now or to those that are deferred into the future through a provision in your will.

Instructions for Transfer of Publicly Traded Securities

Unity Project for Relief of Homelessness in London (the “Unity Project”) appreciates your donations. Under current tax regulations, your donation of publicly traded securities is exempt from capital gains tax only when you transfer the securities in specie or in-kind to a charity.

Electronic Transfer – Canadian and U.S. Securities

  1. In order to facilitate the transfer, the donor must forward a completed and signed Direction and Notification of Gift of Securities to their brokerage institution.
  2. The donor’s brokerage institution will arrange for the electronic transfer of shares to the Unity Project’s broker:
    Scotia Wealth Management for the account of:
    Unity Project for Relief of Homelessness Account#: 4675249314
  3. A copy of the Direction and Notification of Gift of Securities form should also be sent, at least one business day prior to the transfer, to:

    Unity Project for Relief of Homelessness
    Attention: Silvia Langer, Development Director
    Email: [email protected]
    Tel: 519.433.8700 ext. 201

    The form will assist Unity Project to link the appropriate donor information to the donation. While, electronic transfers fulfill industry requirements, they do not provide sufficient information for Unity Project to properly identify the donor. It is very important to copy the form to Unity Project, as above.

  4. A charitable tax receipt will be issued by Unity Project. The value of the receipt will be determined by the fair market value of the securities. Generally, the fair market value will be the closing price on the date that the securities are received in the Unity Project’s brokerage account. In cases where the securities are sold on the date they are received, the fair market value will be the proceeds of the sale before commissions or fees. Securities are normally sold as soon as possible.

To learn more about gifts of securities, please contact Silvia Langer, Development Director, at 519.433.8700 ext. 201

*If you would like to donate securities to Unity Project for Relief of Homelessness in London, please download Unity Project Securities Donation Form