Mail/Delivery Address: 717 Dundas Street, London ON N5W 2Z5

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City of London Coordinated Access: 519.661.4663   |   [email protected]

Unity Project Shelter/Frontline:  519.878.0399

General Inquiries: 519.433.8700

Programming and Administration

Chuck Lazenby
Executive Director
Ext. 200

Ben Cunningham
Housing First Team Leader
Ext. 212

Ian Gingrich
Housing First Team Lead
Ext. 213

Jenny Butchart
Housing Stability Worker
Ext. 202

Jessika Lang
Housing Stability Worker
Ext. 203

Development and Fundraising

Silvia Langer
Development Director
Ext. 201

Anita Schipper
UPwithART Event Coordinator
[email protected]

Give It UP!

Make a one-time gift, become a monthly donor, sponsor an event or give securities… There are many ways for you to help provide relief of homelessness.