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Working at Unity Project for Relief of Homelessness is both a challenging and rewarding experience among a committed group of awesome staff, many of whom have worked with us for 5, 10 and even 20 years. There’s never a dull day at Unity Project.

Job postings for Frontline and other full-time staff positions will be linked here as available. Please return to check on position openings, and/or follow us on social media. We request that you do not submit unsolicited applications as we do not keep applications on file.

We accept applications for Relief – Frontline Support Workers on an ongoing basis. Job description below. If you have the skills and want to be part of our dynamic and caring team, please apply.

Relief – Frontline Support Worker

Job Description

Frontline Support Workers are responsible for maintaining a stable and supportive environment providing solutions-based interventions, care and support to the residents at the Unity Project, 24 hours a day. At least two frontline support workers are on shift at all times.  The position requires that the person be able to perform daily responsibilities, adequately analyze and act upon conflicts among community members, maintain a resident caseload and communicate effectively with other staff and residents.  Frontline Support Workers report to the Frontline Team Leaders. Note: Case Management responsibilities are reduced for Overnight Shifts and Relief.

During this time of the global pandemic, the Unity Project is operating out of a hotel to ensure adequate social distancing and isolation when needed. The hotel staff continue to provide the routine cleaning services. Some of the duties have been temporarily reduced while at the hotel (such as cleaning the facility and running the kitchen).

Functional Area

Summary Of Objectives

Support Participants through a Housing First Approach

  • Create an environment for participants to be supported on their path to housing and stability.

Employ the core values and culture of the organization

  • Foster a collaborative and consistent approach in all interactions with participants, peers and the community.

Maintain a Clean and Functional Facility

  • Ensure a welcoming, safe and supportive space where basic needs can be adequately addressed.


Support Participants through a Housing First Approach:

  • Utilize the diversion process to seek alternatives to shelter for participants who have safe, accessible alternatives;
  • Complete intake and orientation to services and facilities when an individual enters shelter;
  • Assign supports according to individual needs using assessment tools;
  • Participate in shared case-management that is housing focused. For full-time FSW’s this includes maintaining a caseload of participants as the primary caseworker and meeting with assigned participants on a regular basis as per policy;
  • Understand and implement a harm reduction approach in all interactions;
  • Employ assertive engagement and motivational interviewing techniques when communicating with participants;
  • Mediate and assist in resolving conflicts among participants and facilitate open and honest dialogue;
  • Utilize a trauma-informed approach;
  • Effectively work to resolve situations in which participants are presenting in crisis;
  • Utilize all available community partners for appropriate referrals that support the creation of and execution of housing and support plans;
  • Participate in case conferences as the need arises;
  • Advocate to ensure participants can access necessary medical care that addresses their physical, dental and mental health;
  • Maintain the highest level of confidentiality and consent within all interactions;
  • Administer first aid as required, including the use of naloxone as a response to opioid overdoses and exercise universal precautions.

Employ the Core Values and Culture of the Organization:

  • Understand and employ the core values of respect, compassion, cooperation and interdependence;
  • Work within a team approach to effectively support participants;
  • Participate in own goal setting and regularly attend to your own professional development;
  • Attend training and learning opportunities offered through the Unity Project and its partners. This includes regularly scheduled staff meetings;
  • Utilize creative, flexible approaches to supporting individuals recognizing their unique needs and circumstances;
  • Participate in consensus decision-making;
  • Participate in program development, needs identification, strategic planning and evaluation;
  • Work to resolve any conflicts between you and your peers;
  • Reflect and think critically about your own actions and engage in a process of continuous learning;
  • Provide support in the moment to help participants achieve their goals;
  • Complete all documentation and daily notes according to agency procedures;
  • Supervise and assist volunteers and encourage volunteerism at the Unity Project;
  • Execute a complete and effective transfer of shift, communicate to oncoming staff all updates or pertinent information in a clear, objective, factual manner;
  • Know and abide by the Unity Project’s policy and procedures;
  • Seek support from Leadership for any outstanding conflicts or issues that might be impacting your ability to perform job tasks effectively.

Maintain a Clean and Functional Facility:

  • Ensure all shift tasks are completed by the end of a shift;
  • Perform laundry, kitchen, bed change, and other cleaning duties as required for maximum health and safety of the Unity Project facility;
  • Report any maintenance needs to the Facility Coordinator;
  • Ensure adequate monitoring of facility;
  • Demonstrate, instruct and coach pertinent life skills such as cleaning and cooking;
  • Ensure aggressive and disruptive behavior is addressed in the moment;
  • Monitor and ensure compliance from participants with policy and follow through with appropriate actions for non-compliance as per the policies and procedures.

Because of the changing nature of the work and the work to be done, the responsibilities and duties may be altered from time to time.


Applicants must be at least 18 years of age.

Education:  There are no specific academic qualifications required.  However, education in the Humanities, Social Justice and/or Social Sciences is an asset

Experience:  Some experience with the homelessness sector in a front-line capacity.  Experience in a non-profit organization environment working with marginalized, disadvantaged individuals.


  • First Aid/CPR certification, or must be obtained within the first 3 months of employment.
  • Other relevant training in areas of solutions-based interventions, crisis prevention, workplace health and safety are assets.
  • 3 months probationary period in addition to initial training is required to become fully familiar with the front-line role.


  • Good verbal and written skills to communicate information to residents, other front-line staff members, the Manager, Board members and community services.  Verbal communication skills necessary to convey information, participation in or facilitate group discussions and participate in consensus decision making.

Problem Solving/Decision Making:

  • Ability to understand and solve problems that may simultaneously involve many systems (i.e. conflicts or issues that impact a number of levels within the Unity Project including staff, residents or other community agencies).
  • Ability to analyze, interpret and manage impact of multiple perspectives.
  • Ability to mediate and assist in resolving conflicts among residents
  • Ability to perform crisis intervention independently and with a team approach.

Human Relations:

  • Ability to understand the individual needs and goals of assigned residents and motivate and support their movement towards personal development.
  • Ability to respectfully manage a variety of difficult human and social problems and identify methods of appropriate intervention.
  • Ability to relate well with all levels of staff the agency and external community partners.
  • Possesses skills of patience, diplomacy, consistency, assertiveness, and fairness.
  • Possesses knowledge of the process of consensus decision-making.

Program Development:

  • Ability to make recommendations on program planning and evaluation for the site and for new activities or agency policies.
  • Skills of supervision for the purpose of frontline volunteers.

Working Conditions

Working conditions are primarily pleasant at the sites.  The possibility of risk of injury, communicable or infectious diseases and the possibility of handling body fluids exists.

Unpredictable and threatening behaviour and proximity to distress are an integral part of this job.  Skills of balancing mental stresses, conflicting needs and demands are necessary.

Salary: $20/hour to start plus $2.00/hour shift premium on weekends.

Hours of Work: Full time positions are 32-40 hours, casual/relief positions are occasional on an as needed basis. A commitment of being available for at least 2 shifts a month is required for relief FSW’s.

Please send your Cover Letter and Resumé with the job description and your name in the email subject line to Chuck Lazenby at [email protected].

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