Thank you everyone for participating in this event! We hope you had fun and — who knows? You might have landed yourself on TV!

SEPTEMBER 29, 2021
Two teams go head-to-head in a bake sale battle to determine whose tasty treats can raise the most money for their charity of choice on Bake Sale Showdown, a Canadian competitive baking show airing on Bell Fibe1. This is where you come in…

You are invited to the set to participate in the bake sale frenzy on October 1st from 11 – 11:30am at Boler Mountain (689 Griffith St.) to support The Mischief Makers, an adorable mother and daughter combo supporting Unity Project!

So save room for desert, and come on down to buy some (lots!) of The Mischief Makers’ creations. Get there a little early to be ready, as the sale only runs for 30 minutes. There has never been a sweeter way to support our charity.

For more information, visit, follow their social media @bakesaleshowdown (Facebook and Instagram) and watch out for the #bakesaleshowdown hashtag in your social networks! We’ll also update Unity Project’s social media and website if we hear updates.

Thankful for The Mischief Makers (and your) support and wish you all good fortune.