Frontline Support Services: 519-433-8700 x0

Our Mandate

The Unity Project aspires to:

  • Serve people seeking shelter and support by providing 24-hour access to an involved and caring staff and their support services;
  • Empower and engage residents, staff and volunteers to meaningfully participate in and contribute to the mission and development of the Unity Project;
  • Provide a stable, home-like setting for residents in which individual needs can be assessed and addressed by staff through processes of peer support and with the help of all available community services;
  • Encourage and develop understanding of the Unity Project values to increase the ability of residents to live within a community environment;
  • Facilitate the development and/or strengthening of life skills among the residents.
  • Help residents to develop a better understanding of their own needs and to undertake a mission to pursue personal goals;
  • To always improve the staff and community supports available to residents and prevent homelessness