for Relief of Homelessness in London

Respect. Cooperation. Interdependence. Compassion.

UPwithART April 27 - May 6, 2023

13th Annual UPwithART

You really made an art of doing your part in making London a vibrant and healthy community.

Hockey Helps the Homeless London - 7th Annual Pro-Am Charity Tournament; Saturday May 6, 2023 at Western Fair District

Hockey Helps the Homeless

Thank you London! Over $150K was raised for UP, Merrymount and Imagine Build.

Housing Stability Program - Jessika Lang and Jenny Butchart

Stories from the Frontline

The path to housing and stability is unique for every single participant. Here is a glimpse.

Our Mission

Unity Project for Relief of Homelessness in London provides housing-outcome focused emergency shelter, supportive housing and in-home housing stability support programming for individuals of all genders age 18+ who are struggling to escape and avoid homelessness.

Our values

Values of Respect, Cooperation, Interdependence and Compassion inform our character. Outcomes govern our services.

Our goals

To end the experience of homelessness for all those in our care while making a stay at our shelter as comfortable, productive, and as short as possible.

Our work

To divert people from shelter wherever there is opportunity; to stabilize participants in their moment of crisis by meeting their basic needs; to engage participants in their own process toward housing and stability, and; to utilize every available community resource to prevent or to end the experience of homelessness for those in our care.

Image depicting Unity Project Services


Emergency Shelter

Supporting participants in finding an emergency exit strategy from the crisis of homelessness.

Supportive Housing

Unity House supports individuals while transitioning to housing in the community.

Housing Stability Program

Whatever-it-takes to help maintain stability and achieve belonging in community.

Give It UP!

Make a one-time gift, become a monthly donor, sponsor an event or give securities… There are many ways for you to help provide relief of homelessness.





Ending homelessness requires awareness, action and advocacy. Be part of positive change today!